Theatre "Shkidy" - the best actors and artists in the "Starry Stories" play. Theatre from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Theatre "Shkidy" - theatre for all.

Theatre “Shkidy”, an award-winning visual and physical theatre company, in their show, combines poetic poignancy, visual beauty, and philosophical art, resulting in a lyrical, beautifully crafted, and stunning performance.

Tatiana Zbyshevskaya
Rishat Valitov

Directed by :
Tatiana Zbyshevskaya

Theatre: "Shkidy"

197720, post/box 33,
Theatre's e-mail :
Contact in USA
USA Tour Executive Producer:
James Karns

Phone: +1(407) 234-7556

Global Management:
Rishat Valitov

Phone:+1(978) 394-7273
Copyright: Theatre "Shkidy"

"I saw this group on a trip to St. Petersburg, and they blew me away!
I couldn't wait to share them with you!"

USA Springfield Arts Council Executive Director J. Chris Moore

 Latest touring show, "Starry Stories," tells a cheerful, yet philosophical, tale with dance, mime and music.
It's a cross between Tim Burton movies and Cirque du Soleil - in short, arty, gently weird family fare.

2007 By Kathleen St. John
Special to The Denver Post








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Teatr SHKIDY, Sankt Petersburg, Rusko    

Starry Stories ,które miało swoją premierę w styczniu 2000 roku, jest bardzo radosną a jednocześnie nostalgiczną opowieścią dedykowaną dawnym gwiazdą aktorskim z dziejów kina i teatru. Zakorzeniona we barwnej historii komedii dell'arte, mimu, teatralnego ekspresjonizmu i rosyjskiej awangardy, "Starry Stories" to wizualnie bogate i pełne fantazji przedstawienie, oscyluje pomiędzy słodkim sentymentalizmem a surową powagą. Starry Stories łączy niebanalne treści z autentycznym, nieokiełznanym humorem. Liryczny motyw przewodni jest wyraźnie wyczuwalny w każdej scenie spektaklu. To przedstawienie to magiczne przedstawienie teatralne.

Reżyseria: Tatiana Zbyshevskaya

Teatr "Shkidy"

Wielokrotnie nagradzany zespół rosyjskich mimów i klownów, łączy poetycką wyrazistość, wizualne piękno i filozoficzne treści tworząc liryczne, ujmujące urodą i precyzyjnie wykonane i zadziwiające przedstawienie. Gatunkowo sytuuje się ono na granicy komicznej klaunady i pantomimy. Zespół zdobył główne nagrody, zarówno w rodzinnej Rosji jak i Europie i Azji.


April 17 - 27, 2007 Shkidy theatre had
tour in Italy (Rionero in Vulture, Bella, Napoly).
In context of the program of cultural exchange betveen Zelenogorsk,
   Saint-Petersburg, Russia and Rionero in Vulture, Potenza, Italy.


"We are really happy that Theatre Shkidy took part at our International festival of 20 theatre groups from 8 countries of the world with great success.
You can be proud of having such talanted teachers, students and artists in your theatre group."
L'uba Blaškovicová, director of   8. Festival of Independent Theatres and Culture 2006


The poster of the overwhelmingly important mime festival,
organized by Milan Sladek in which we took part.

shkidy_theatre Performances in South Korea 2003
23.02.2003 - 02.03.2003

The recent performance of our "Shkidy" theatre which was in Seoul in Artspoolcenter.
Special thanks to Helen Lannaghan from
"London International Mime Festival"
Theatre Shkidy is an award-winning clown/mime ensemble which combines poetic poignancy, visual beauty, and philosophical art into a stunning performance. Their ultra-creative Starry Stories takes hilarious situations and turns them into comic reality. There are no words spoken throughout the performance, only miming and laughter from these Russian performers.
What a combination of theatrical magic!
Clark State Performing Arts Center's Kuss Auditorium Downtown Springfield USA.

  Theatre "Shkidy" from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. This is Oleg, the best actor from Theatre "Shkidy"  - in "Starry Stories"  play. Enter to load english pages of the theatre. This is Roma, the best actor from Theatre "Shkidy" - in "Starry Stories"  play. Enter to load english pages of the theatre. This is Nadia, the best actress from Theatre "Shkidy" - in "Starry Stories"  play. Enter to load english pages of the theatre. This is Valery, the best actor from Theatre "Shkidy" - in "Starry Stories"  play. Enter to load english pages of the theatre. This photo by A.Tikhomirov - One of the best photografer in all over the world.  

The people tells, that:
"Shkidy" is theatre from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Theatre "Shkidy" is new, dynamically developing, theatre of the new generation.
The theatre presenting new play "Starry Stories".
It became incredibly popular throughout USA and Europe amongst the public.
The "Starry Stories" performance is symbolic - being outside the rules of regular society.
Shkidy is able to subvert the normal order, and this basic premise
is contemporarily used to point out social absurdity.
The theatre researches and develops an international traditions of
pantomime theatre and lyrical, poetic and philosophical clowning.
Theatre "Shkidy" introduces a fresh, true-to-life style that is relevant, funny, and touches
the heart, while exemplifying the highest standards of performance techniques and precision.
The "Starry Stories", from theatre "Shkidy", is a remarkable production which skillfully
weaves together an enjoyable narrative with wondrous use of modern theatre technology.
Theatre "Shkidy" is a theatre for everybody!

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