"Starry Stories" is a very cheerful and at the same time philosophically thorough story. As the show moves on, many of the routines border on the abstract, forgoing beginnings and endings for the sake of one big middle.

Shkidy theatre’s actors are masters at creating space and mood. In their world even the slightest gesture or movement can be awe-inspiring. Shkidy beautifully mix comedy and surrealism, and sometimes the bizarre and macabre. Their world of imagery never stops, one thing just blends into the next.

In "Starry Stories" there are no direct ideas forced on the audience. And this is the demonstration of the highest respect to the public: because everybody has his/her own perception of the seen, and his/her own truth.

Every scene in the play is born inexplicably easy, as naturally as a good mood, as inspiration, as revelation. "Starry Stories" is an interesting, captivating show.

From the very beginning of the performance the Shkidy artists portray the temperament and inner condition of the characters: lovers, arguers, old men, rockers, dancers, cowboys, reporters, performers and others using the tricks of clown buffoonery and pantomime.

Theatre "Shkidy", Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

The Actors not only exactly convey the characteristic and fleeting things of real life, they also convert the reality, creating joyful new worlds for themselves and the audience.

The Lyrical and kind underlying theme is clearly felt in every scene of the play. The unique characteristics of the play are the unexpectedness of scenery and actor decisions, the unpredictability of events, the non-compliance with expectations of the audience.

Starry Stories is also full of elements of absurd which are completely fantastic and they are played as reality and immediately are brought back to nonsense.

The interaction with the audience is also remarkable. It is joyful like playing snowballs,but is even more inoffensive. The spectators during the performance become its participants, the motionless waiting is replaced with laughter and applause.

Starry Stories is the sound of an adult laughing uncontrollably at nothing in particular, the joy of believing that anything is possible, the realization that life really is wonderful.

Valentina Vaseiko (Review in "Nataly" Magazine (translation from the original Russian)
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  There are as many descriptions as there are audience members.  

"Starry Stories," tells a cheerful, yet philosophical, tale with dance, mime and music. It's a cross between Tim Burton movies and Cirque du Soleil - in short, arty, gently weird family fare.

Friday, November 2, 2007 By Kathleen St. John Special to The Denver Post

This is an experience, not a show. There are moments that cause people to smile and stand up from their seats without noticing.
You'll Never Forget This!

Evening Saint-Petersburg

Seeing this show was one of the most amazing theatrical presentations I have ever experienced. Allowing you to escape todays world and return to the innocent perpectives we had as children - an abundance of colour, movement and spectacular simple imagery. A must see for all adults and children and those inbetween - go and see this show, you will not regret it!

Ledy Time Magazine

See Starry Stories, an ultra-creative piece that takes hilarious situations and transforms them into reality.

Clark State Performing Art Center


This is a combination of metaphysics, tragedy, and comedy. Chaplin would be proud.

Springfield News-Sun


Following a comic/dramatic style, the play combines humorous and dramatic elements with a dash of makebelieve. It explores humane situations and the ups and downs that come with them. The play has no specific language and requires no translation, as it talks about the joys that can be found when one survives hard times.



Theatre Shkidy is an award-winning ensemble which combines poetic poignancy, visual beauty, and philosophical art into a stunning performance.  Their ultra-creative Starry Stories takes hilarious situations and turns them into comic reality.  There are no words spoken throughout the performance, only miming and laughter from these young Russian performers.

Dayton Region Arts Online


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